What Is The Steep Side Of A Mountain Called

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rough edge bedrock
edge limitation
precarious position

What is another name river cliff?

A cut bank likewise called a river cliff or river-cut cliff is the outdoors bank of a curve or meander in a water channel (stream) which is continuously going through disintegration. … Usually cut banks are high and might be almost vertical.

What is leeward side and windward side?

Leeward side. Windward’ is the side of an island where the dominating wind concerns the island from the sea Leeward” is the side of an island where the primary wind takes a trip from the interior of the island to the sea. The side of the mountain dealing with the wind packed with wetness is called the windward side mountain.

What is the leeward side of a boat?

A: Leeward. Likewise called lee leeward is the instructions opposite to the method the wind is presently blowing (windward) … Sailboats move with the wind making the windward instructions an essential cruising term to understand.

What is comprehended by the term the lee side?

Meanings of lee side. the side of something that is protected from the wind synonyms: lee leeward. Antonyms: windward. the side of something that is towards the wind.

Where are the leeward Island?

Caribbean Sea
Leeward Islands French Îles Sous-le-Vent Spanish Islas de Sotavento an arc of West Indian islands that make up the most westerly and northern of the Lesser Antilles at the northeastern end of the Caribbean Sea in between latitudes 16 ° and 19 ° N and longitudes 61 ° and 65 ° W.

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Is the leeward side cooler?

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