What Is The Difference Between A Producer Consumer And Decomposer

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All plants are manufacturers in their environments. Bamboo a member of the blooming plant group that is carefully associated to yard is an example of a.

Is an apple a manufacturer or customer?

Is an apple a manufacturer? Manufacturer meaning: is an organism either a green plant or germs which becomes part of the very first level of a food cycle. Apples are green plants and at the very first level of a food cycle so yes.

Is Mouse a manufacturer?

A mouse is a kind of customer This indicates that it should consume or take in energy-rich nutrients in order to endure.

Are snakes customers?

Snakes are customers They might be thought about to be secondary or tertiary customers depending upon the specific diet plan of the snake types.

Is a cow a manufacturer or customer?

A cow is a customer due to the fact that it is not able to produce its own food. Cows need to take in plants (which are manufacturers) in order to endure.

What declaration explains a decomposer?

Decomposers are organisms that break down dead or rotting organisms and in doing so they perform the natural procedure of decay.

Why plants are called manufacturer?

Plants are manufacturers. They make their own food which produces energy for them to grow replicate and endure Having the ability to make their own food makes them special they are the just living things in the world that can make their own source of food energy. … All plants are manufacturers!

What is the relationship in between a manufacturer and a customer?

The relationship in between manufacturers and customers is that manufacturers offer food for customers

What is the primary distinction in between an environment and a neighborhood quizlet?

What is the distinction in between a neighborhood and an environment? An environment includes living and nonliving things in a location A neighborhood is all the populations because location.

How are manufacturers customers and decomposers classified?

Producers customers and decomposers are organisms within environments that are categorized based upon how they get their nutrition Manufacturers such as plants make their own food customers such as animals consume plants and animals and decomposers such as germs and fungis break down dead raw material.

Are decomposers customers?

Decomposers are organisms that get energy by decomposing or breaking down chemically the remains of dead organisms. … Decomposers get energy through respiration so they are heterotrophs. Nevertheless their energy is acquired at the cellular level so they are called decomposers not customers

Is a starfish a manufacturer customer or decomposer?

Is a starfish customer Decomposer or manufacturer? Starfish are customers Bcoz they donot produce their own food such as snail fish etc.

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