What Is The Affirmative Usted Command Of Comer

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What Is The Affirmative Usted Command Of Comer?

Affirmative Official Commands

Infinitive Ud. Present Subjunctive Ud. Official Command
hablar hable hable
comer coma coma
vivir viva viva

What is the affirmative command for comer?

ER: comer

Affirmative Command Unfavorable Command
come no comas
él/ ella/ud. coma no coma
nosotros comamos no comamos

What is the affirmative usted command of Ver?

Command Tense Conjugation and Utilizes

Topic Pronoun Ver Conjugation Translation
( tú) ve ( you) (casual particular) see/watch/look
( usted) vea ( you) (official particular) see/watch/look
( nosotros/nosotras) veamos ( we) see/watch/look
( vosotros/vosotras) ved ( you) (casual plural) see/watch/look

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What is an affirmative command in Spanish?

The affirmative “” (you) command is relatively simple to discover because it is usually similar to the 3rd individual particular type of the Spanish present tense. Essentially you simply drop the “- r” off the infinitive and voila! A command is born.

What would be the casual command for comer?

Welcome to our grammar lesson about affirmative casual commands in Spanish. These are commands where we inform a single person (” tú”) or a number of individuals (” vosotros”) to do something.

” vosotros” commands.

Verb ” vosotros” command
comer comed
hablar hablad
cerrar cerrad
dormir dormid

What is the preterite conjugation of Comer?

Comer Conjugation: Preterite Tense

yo comí
él/ ella comió
nosotros/as comimos
vosotros/as comisteis

What is the preterite of Comer?


Yo comí comimos
comiste comisteis
Él/ Ella/Ud. comió comieron

What are affirmative commands?

To inform somebody you attend to as tú to do something you utilize an. affirmative casual command. Example: shut the door open the fridge cut the carrots. To form the affirmative casual command of routine or stem.

How do you form UD and UDS commands?

To produce an usted command keep in mind the mantra: type of yo drop the– o include the opposite ending Consider today tense yo type of the verb you wish to make into an usted command then drop the– o ending and include the él ella or usted ending generally utilized for the opposite type of verb.

What is comer in yo type?

Comer is a Spanish routine er verb suggesting to consume.

Comer Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo como
él/ ella come
nosotros/as comemos
vosotros/as coméis

What is usted command?

Usted. commands are utilized to inform somebody you do not understand well an individual older than you or an individual to whom you wish to reveal deference or regard to do/not to do something. To form both affirmative and unfavorable usted commands utilize the third-person particular type of today subjunctive.

How do you form affirmative commands?

For routine verbs you will just utilize the third-person particular type of today a sign to form an affirmative tú command.

Forming Commands with Verbs with Stem or Spelling Modifications.

Verb Tú Command English
mover Mueve esas sillas. Move those chairs.

How do you do unfavorable usted commands?

Command or important kinds inform somebody to do or not to do something. Affirmative and unfavorable USTED and USTEDES commands are formed by utilizing today tense YO type as the stem dropping the -o and including the proper ending

How do you conjugate comer commands?

  1. comeré
  2. tú comerás.
  3. él/ ella/Ud. comerá
  4. nosotros. comeremos.
  5. vosotros. comeréis.
  6. ellos/ellas/Uds. comerán.

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How do you conjugate comer?

Required to understand how to conjugate comer in another tense?

Conjugating the Spanish Verb Comer (to Consume)

Conjugation Translation
tú comes You (casual) consume
él/ ella/ello/uno come He/she/one consumes
usted come You (official) consume
nosotros comemos We consume

How do you conjugate comer in the subjunctive?

Utilizing the chart listed below you can discover how to conjugate the Spanish verb comer in Present Subjunctive tense.

Mode: Subjunctive.

Individual Pronoun Conjugation
Yo coma
Tu comas
El/Ella coma
Nosotros comamos

What kind of verb is comer?

er verb
The verb comer is a routine er verb in all kinds and tenses.

What’s comer in English?

1: one that comes or gets here invited all comers. 2: one making quick development or revealing guarantee.

How do you conjugate comer in the imperfect tense?

Utilizing the chart listed below you can discover how to conjugate the Spanish verb comer in Imperfect tense.

Mode: A Sign.

Individual Pronoun Conjugation
Yo comía
Tu comías
El/Ella comía
Nosotros comíamos

What is affirmative sentence example?

An affirmative declaration can likewise be described as an assertive sentence or affirmative proposal: “ Birds fly” “Rabbits run” and “Fish swim” are all affirmative sentences where the topics are actively doing something therefore making a favorable declaration about the noun in movement.

How do you form affirmative ustedes commands in Spanish?

Where do pronouns choose affirmative commands?

Reflexive indirect things and direct things pronouns need to be connected to completion of an affirmative command

What is today progressive of Comer?

‘ In Spanish to utilize today progressive tense with comer (to consume) you utilize a subject pronoun the verb estar in today tense and the verb comiendo (consuming). For instance: Yo estoy comiendo

How do you compose the ellos ellas type of comer in the preterite tense?

  1. yo. comeré
  2. tú comerás.
  3. él/ ella/Ud. comerá
  4. nosotros. comeremos.
  5. vosotros. comeréis.
  6. ellos/ellas/Uds. comerán.

How do you utilize comer in Spanish in a sentence?

Comer (to consume)

Vamos a comer todos juntos el domingo (We’ll all consume together on Sunday.)

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How do you make a usted command?

What is the UDS command type of IR?

Affirmative Usted and Ustedes Commands

infinitive: afirmative usted command: afirmative ustedes command:
dar den
ser sea sean
ir vaya vayan

Is it yo comer or Yo como?

Yo como” implies “I consume” “Yo voy a comer” implies “I will consume” “Comer” is a future verb.

Is Comer stem altering?

Compare it to the routine verb comer. Notification that the endings are the very same for routine verbs and stem-changing verbs. Here’s another e: ie stem-changing verb. Notification how the stem does not alter in the nosotros and vosotros kinds.

Stem-Changing Verbs: e-ie.

hablo como vivo
hablan comen viven

What is the unfavorable type of comer?

Practicing the Preterite and the Imperfect of Comer

In order to form an unfavorable sentence just include the word no in front of the verb comer For instance spinach is a veggie I like as a grownup. Nevertheless as a kid I disliked spinach.

What is comer in the imperfect?

The Spanish verb ‘comer’ implies ‘ to consume‘ This lesson covers the kinds of ‘comer’ in the imperfect subjunctive a tense you’ll require to speak about dreams make recommendations or reveal surprise.

Topic Pronoun Imperfect Subjunctive
ellos/ellas ustedes comieran/ comiesen

What does comer suggest in EN?

British English: consume/ iːt/ VERB. When you consume you chew and swallow food.

Is Comer an infinitive?

Notes: comer is a totally routine verb.

Other Types.


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