What Is Another Word For Consume

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  1. take in something to utilize something particularly fuel energy or time. The electrical energy market takes in big quantities of nonrenewable fuel sources. …
  2. take in something (official) to consume or consume something. …
  3. [often passive] (official) to fill someone with a strong sensation. …
  4. take in something (official) (of fire) to totally ruin something.

What does it indicate to be taken in by something?

Somebody can be stated to be taken in by/ with a sensation if that sensation is exceptionally strong: We were taken in with happiness and relief along with extensive appreciation.

What is consume in Spanish food?

[kənˈsjuːm ] transitive verb. (= consume) consumir ⧫ comerse (= beverage) consumir ⧫ beber.

What does take in information indicate?

When it concerns mobile phone strategies information use is generally the quantity of information you utilize in a billing cycle (typically a month). Your mobile phone strategy’s information is utilized whenever you utilize your phone’s web connection to carry out any job. … Searching the web. Downloading and running apps.

What does the word take in mean in the Bible?

1: to lose or burn away: die.

What is intake in entrepreneurship?

Intake implies the quantity of something that individuals and other entities utilize It is likewise the procedure of utilizing something frequently so that there is less of it offered later. The term might describe making use of product or services in an economy or just how much of those items and services individuals utilize.

What does human intake indicate?

Human intake implies the usage of water for drinking bathing or showering hand cleaning cooking cooking or oral health … Human intake implies the consumption or absorption of water or water vapor as the outcome of drinking cooking dishwashing hand cleaning bathing showering or oral health.

Is intake the synonym of usage up?

In this page you can find 107 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and associated words for take in like: use consume headscarf exhaust waste ravage swallow diminish usage consume and take in.

What does take in love indicate?

A consuming enthusiasm or interest is more crucial to you than anything else. adj usu ADJ n.

Have been taken in implying?

The meaning of taken in ways consumed consumed consumed or ruined An example of taken in is a meal that’s been consumed. An example of taken in is the gas that’s been consumed in an automobile.

What does consume your life indicate?

They indicate what consumes your mind( an idea you predominately have) will manage how you go about/live life. This is a difficult one to provide an example for however if an unfavorable idea is consuming your mind/always on your mind it can determine how you act in your daily life.

What does it indicate when something is taxing?

Taxing things are difficult and hard. Climbing up a mountain is taxing therefore is investing a whole day babysitting a rowdy young child. Things that are taxing use you out either physically or psychologically (or both). … This adjective originates from the verb tax which implies “to put a stress on.”

Is it time consuming or time consuming?

Typically speaking it’s hyphenated when utilized as a modifier (” a lengthy task”) however not otherwise (” this is really time consuming”). However with hyphens there are couple of guidelines and what you primarily need to count on are standards.

What is taking some time?

1: to require or need time to take place or be done You need to be client. Things like this require time. … This task is simple and will take no time at all at all. 2 or make the effort: to utilize a quantity of time in order to do something essential They never ever put in the time to be familiar with her.

What is the significance benefit food?

Convenience food or tertiary processed food is food that is commercially ready (frequently through processing) to optimise ease of intake. Such food is typically prepared to consume without more preparation. It might likewise be quickly portable have a long service life or provide a mix of such practical characteristics.

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What is the synonym of expense?

Synonyms & & Antonyms of expense

  • charge
  • expense
  • dispensation
  • cost
  • outgo
  • expense.

What’s another word for healthy food?

What is another word for healthy food?


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