What Is Another Name For Representative Democracy

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What is another name for a representative democracy responses com?

Another name for representative democracy is indirect democracy

What is an example of an indirect democracy?

Response: Indirect democracy is when individuals choose agents who vote on laws on the behalf of individuals. An example of indirect democracy is when we choose individuals to Congress to represent us An example of direct democracy is the effort or referendum procedure.

What are the 2 kinds of indirect democracy?

Indirect democracy too has lots of types: ( i) Parliamentary or Cabinet Type (ii) Governmental Type (iii) Unitary Type and (iv) Federal Type. There are lots of combined types of indirect democracy.

What is representative democracy Class 9 brief response?

What is representative democracy? Response: Under representative democracy all individuals do not rule or take choices however a bulk or chosen agents are enabled to take choices on behalf of all individuals

What did Abraham Lincoln state about democracy?

In the dictionary meaning democracy “is federal government by the individuals in which the supreme power is vested in individuals and worked out straight by them or by their chosen representatives under a complimentary electoral system.” In the expression of Abraham Lincoln democracy is a federal government “of individuals by the individuals and for individuals.

What is representative democracy Class 10?

Agent democracy is a type of democracy in which individuals of the nation pick their own agents The picked agents of individuals frame laws of the nation. In representative democracy individuals guideline through their chosen agents.

Are all democracies the very same?

Democracy is a complex thing. Many scholars will mention there are 2 primary kinds of democracy worldwide consisting of direct and representative Nevertheless numerous federal governments use their own particular take on democracy producing various democracy federal government constructs.

What is representative and direct democracy Class 9?

Tip: The most widespread type of democracy that is practiced today is a representative democracy. Agent democracy instead of a direct democracy where residents straight rule includes chosen authorities that represent a neighborhood of individuals and form the federal government to run the nation

What is the primary method a representative democracy varies from a direct democracy?

What is the primary method a representative democracy varies from a direct democracy? People choose leaders who vote on the problems in a representative democracy and residents vote on the problems in a direct democracy.

What does Call of Agent suggest?

an individual or thing that represents another or others. … a individual who represents a constituency or neighborhood in a legal body particularly a member of the U.S. Legislature or a lower home in particular state legislatures. a case in point or specimen of a group quality or kind.

What is a representative federal government?

Agent democracy likewise referred to as indirect democracy is a kind of democracy where chosen individuals represent a group of individuals in contrast to direct democracy. … Agent democracy puts power in the hands of agents who are chosen by the individuals.

What is a antonym for agents?

representativenoun. an individual who represents others. Antonyms: undemocratic untypical nonrepresentative unsymbolic irregular.

Are democracy and republic synonyms?

The reality is in fact easy: For all useful functions and in a lot of contexts ” republic” and “democracy” are synonyms.

Is a republic a democracy?

A democratic republic is a type of federal government operating on concepts embraced from a republic and a democracy. … Republic: “A state in which supreme power is held by the individuals and their chosen agents …”

What is another name for United States?

A number of names of the United States of America stay in typical usage. Official options to the complete name consist of the United States America along with the initialisms U.S. and the U.S.A. colloquial names consist of “the States” the “U.S. of A” and “Columbia.”

What is representative democracy sixth?

Ans: In representative democracies individuals do not take part straight however rather pick their agents through an election procedure These agents fulfill and make choices for the whole population.

What is representative democracy in civic education?

Agent democracy: A kind of federal government where qualified residents choose their leaders through routine elections to represent them at all levels of federal government for a repaired period.

What are examples of representative federal government?

A representative democracy

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In Australia federal elections are held around every 3 years to choose members of parliament to represent Australians and make laws on their behalf. Examples of other representative democracies consist of the United States the UK and Argentina

What is an example of oligarchy?

Examples of oligarchies

Examples of a historic oligarchies are Sparta and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth A contemporary example of oligarchy might be seen in South Africa throughout the 20th century. … Industrialism as a social system exhibited most especially by the United States is in some cases referred to as an oligarchy.

Is America an indirect democracy?

Indirect democracy or representative democracy is when residents choose agents to make laws for them. This is what a lot of contemporary nations have today. In lots of representative democracies (U.S.A. Canada India and so on) agents are picked in elections.

Why do we call India and indirect democracy?

India is called indirect democracy since it has a federal government in which individuals do not straight take part in the affair of the state They choose thier agent for a set duration who run the administration of the nation …

Who are supreme authority in the representative democracy?

It implies individuals’s guideline. The authority of the State and federal government is produced and sustained by the permission of its individuals through their chosen agents. It implies individuals are supreme authority and not the chosen agents.

Is an indirect democracy the like republic?

In lots of methods the United States is an indirect democracy Individuals of the United States do not tend to vote straight on proposed laws. … By contrast a republic is a type of federal government in which there is a constitution or some other sort of fundamental law that restricts what individuals can do.

What is Western liberal democracy?

Liberal democracy likewise described as Western democracy is the mix of a liberal political ideology that runs under an indirect democratic type of federal government.

What is representative democracy Class 9 Brainly?

Agent democracy likewise referred to as indirect democracy or representative federal government is a kind of democracy based on the concept of chosen authorities representing a group of individuals instead of direct democracy. rosariomividaa3 and 11 more users discovered this response handy. Thanks 10.

What do you suggest by representative democracy Class 9 Ncert?

Class 9th. Response: Agent democracy is a type of federal government based on the concept of chosen people representing individuals instead of autocracy and direct democracy. The agents form an independent judgment body charged with the duty of acting in individuals’s interest.

Why is democracy called a federal government by conversation class 9?

Response: It is called a “federal government by conversation” since a democracy is based upon assessment and conversation A democratic choice constantly includes lots of individuals conversations and conferences. When a member of individuals together study a specific matter they have the ability to explain possible errors.

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