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What is landform brief response?

A landform is any natural function of the Earth’s surface area such as a hill a lake or a beach.

What is landform provide example?

Landforms are natural functions of the landscape natural physical functions of the earth’s surface area for instance valleys plateaus mountains plains hills loess or glaciers. examples- Mountains hills plateaus and plains are the 4 significant kinds of landforms.

Which word suggests a landform?

Synonyms & & Near Synonyms for landform. ground land terrane terrene.

What is a landform for kids?

A landform is a natural function of the surface area of Earth Typical landforms are mountains plateaus and valleys. … They consist of rift valleys plateaus mountains and volcanic cones. These functions are formed by endogenic forces or forces that come from within Earth.

What is a landform in location?

A landform is a naturally-formed function on the Earth’s surface area frequently with an identifiable shape like a valley or mountain. They vary in size and can be little like hills or much bigger like mountains. … And it’s not simply Earth where these functions are discovered.

What is a landform provide 2 examples?

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