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What does being lessened imply?

1: to earn less or trigger to appear less reduce an army’s strength His function in the business was lessened. 2: to decrease the authority self-respect or credibility of: belittle reduce a competitor’s achievements.

Does reduce mean reduction?

to decrease reduction.

What is lessened in a sentence?

made to appear smaller sized or less (particularly in worth). 1) The drought rapidly lessened our water suply. 2) His strength has actually lessened throughout the years. 3) The celebration’s share of the electorate has actually lessened gradually

What is the other name of lessened?

Some typical synonyms of reduce are abate reduction diminish decrease and minimize.

What is an example of reduce?

Diminish is specified regarding make something appear smaller sized or lesser. An example of reduce is to minimize the accomplishment of getting a law degree from Harvard

What is a decreased image?

If the size of the image formed is smaller sized than the item the image is stated to be lessened.

How do you utilize the word reduce?

Decrease in a Sentence?

  1. The medication triggered my headache to reduce.
  2. They didn’t wish to reduce my work however they had actually chosen to release another post in the paper.
  3. My checking account started to reduce when I made numerous big purchases. …
  4. As the rain started to reduce we went out to the park.

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What does lessened mean in medical terms?

adjective. (of an organ or body part) lessened in size or strength as an outcome of illness or injury or absence of usage synonyms: atrophied squandered. Antonyms: bigger hypertrophied. (of an organ or body part) exceedingly bigger as an outcome of increased size in the constituent cells.

What is lessened in mathematics?

adjective ending up being less or less lessening. Mathematics. (of a function) having the residential or commercial property that for any 2 points in the domain such that a person is bigger than the other the image of the bigger point is less than or equivalent to the image of the smaller sized point nonincreasing.

How do you utilize Coherence in a sentence?

Coherence in a Sentence

  1. Coherence in the production procedure is required so that all of the cakes are made in the specific very same method.
  2. The coach promoted coherence in the dancers’ relocations with all of the ladies doing begins unison.

What is the noun of reduce?

diminishment The act of lessening decreasing in size amount or quality.

How do you utilize obscured in a sentence?

Obscured sentence example

  1. The concern is likewise obscured in another method. …
  2. Her gray eyes were practically the color of the moon overhead her pale functions obscured by curls that danced in a sea breeze.

What part of speech is reduce?

DECREASED ( adjective) meaning and synonyms|Macmillan Dictionary.

Is reduce a synonym for reduce?

In this page you can find 35 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and associated words for reduce like: reduction decrease minor minimize alleviate belittle denigrate expand disparage reduce and minimize.

What does the word reduce probably mean as utilized in line 6?

PART A: What does the word “reduce” probably mean as utilized in line 6? to end to belittle to decrease

How do you utilize ridicule in a sentence?

Ridicule Sentence Examples

Wrongdoers have enormous ridicule for the law. She recoiled at the ridicule in his eyes. To my surprise her smile was no longer among lofty ridicule. More than one church guest exceeded respectful ridicule and glared to the point of hostility.

How do you utilize disinclined in a sentence?

Disinclined sentence example

  1. However needs for more lines were continuously developing and the existing business in view of their monetary position were disinclined to undertake their building and construction. …
  2. Though disinclined to work the Cambodians make great hunters and woodsmen.

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What is amplified and lessened?

Decreased image’s size is smaller sized than the size of the item whereas the size of an amplified image is bigger than the item. … The lessened image is normally formed in front of the mirror and the amplified image is normally formed behind the mirror.

What is lessened in lens?

The images formed by a lens can be: upright or inverted (upside down compared to the item) amplified or lessened ( smaller sized than the item) genuine or virtual.

What is mean by bigger and lessened?

the image which is much smaller sized than that of item is lessened … and … the image which is much bigger than item is bigger…

What is the adjective of reduce?

lessened minimized minimized. (music) minimized by a semitone.

What does it imply when lungs are lessened?

Decreased. This implies that air motion is hard to hear It’s rather typical for COPD clients to establish lessened lung sounds perticularly in the bases or in the lower lobes. This is most frequently discovered when emphysema exists as there is less lung tissue to move air.

How do COPD lungs sound?

Breath Sounds of Persistent Obstructive Lung Illness (COPD) In clients with COPD breath sounds might be lessened and expiration is extended. Coarse crackles heard at the start of motivation are frequently heard in clients with COPD particularly those with persistent bronchitis.

What kind of lung noises are heard with pneumonia?

Your medical professional will listen to your lungs with a stethoscope. If you have pneumonia your lungs might make crackling bubbling and rumbling noises when you breathe in.

How do you minimize numbers?

Here are the actions to follow:


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