What Does Dike Mean In Spanish

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What Does Dike Mean In Spanish

What Does Dike Mean In Spanish?

Spanish Translation. dique. More Spanish words for dike. el dique noun. dam dock dyke levee.

How do you spell dike in Spanish?

Translation of “dike” into spanish

dike diktat dilapidate

What is an English dyke?

dyke in British English

1. an embankment built to avoid flooding stay out the sea etc. 2. a ditch or watercourse.

What is dyke in easy words?

The term dyke is a slang term utilized as a noun significance lesbian and as an adjective explaining things related to lesbianism. It came from as a homophobic and misogynistic slur for a manly butch or androgynous lady or lady.

What is Dique?

” Dique” suggests “ apparently” “not even” or “obviously” This word is utilized when Dominicans speak about occurrences or info they are unsure about. They likewise utilize this word when they have an unpredictable expectation about something or somebody.

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What does Dyke imply in Scotland?

In Scotland a dyke or dike is a stone wall however in England a dyke is a ditch. In the Cumbrian dialect of English a Dike is the name provided to a banked hedgerow.

What is volcano dike?

Dikes are tabular or sheet-like bodies of lava that cut through and throughout the layering of nearby rocks … They form when lava increases into an existing fracture or produces a brand-new fracture by requiring its method through existing rock and after that strengthens.

Is dike a British word?

British Dialect. a low wall or fence specifically of earth or stone for dividing or confining land. a challenge barrier.

What is another name for dike?

In this page you can find 17 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and associated words for dike like: wall embankment dam causeway levee spillway riverbed barrier watercourse batholith and butch.

What is an example of a dike?

Ring dikes are invasive igneous sheets that are circular oval or arcuate in general pattern. … The Ossipee Mountains of New Hampshire and Pilanesberg Mountains of South Africa are 2 examples of ring dikes. In both of these circumstances the minerals in the dike were more difficult than the rock that they horned in.

What is the significance of dike in Igbo?

/ Dike/ Gender: m A warrior A Guy of fantastic strength (or achievement or task).

What does Tato imply in Dominican slang?

What it suggests: It’s all great

What does Dizque imply?

Dominicans– and numerous Spanish speaking nations too for that matter– in easy terms utilize this word to describe “ it appears” or “apparently” however generally in recommendation to chatter

What does BK imply?

Acronym Meaning
BK Insolvency (banking market)
BK Brook
BK Bank (IRB)
BK Brake

What is the function of a dyke?

The function of a dike is to avoid flooding They are developed along the banks of rivers so that if there is a big quantity of rain or snow the water …

What does stud imply for an individual?

Slang. a male who is significantly virile and sexually active a good-looking guy with an appealing body a hunk.

How do you pronounce Dyke?

What is a dike mountain?

A dike or dyke in geological use is a sheet of rock that is formed in a fracture of a pre-existing rock body … Magmatic dikes form when lava streams into a fracture then strengthens as a sheet invasion either crossing layers of rock or through an adjoining mass of rock.

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What is the distinction in between a dyke and a ditch?

is that ditch is or ditch can be a trench a long shallow imprint when it comes to watering or drain while dyke is or dyke can be (slang|pejorative) a lesbian especially one who appears macho or acts in a macho way this word has actually been recovered by some as politically empowering (see use notes).

What is the distinction in between a dam and a dike?

Dikes are various from dams due to the fact that dikes just have water on one side of the barrier Dams have water on both sides and work to maintain water. Dams likewise go through the water whereas dikes run parallel to the water. Dikes work to safeguard land that would naturally be undersea most of the time.

Is Dyke a Scrabble word?

Yes dyke remains in the scrabble dictionary.

What is Dyke soil science?

What is Dyke soil science? Dike or dyke as likewise called geology is a kind of tabular or sheet like igneous rock that is vertically or steeply inclined to the bed linen of the pre-existing intruded rocks

What is a synonym for Bittersweet?

Discover another word for bittersweet. In this page you can find 23 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and associated words for bittersweet like: melancholy wistful semisweet bittersweet nightshade climbing up bittersweet heart-warming poignant American bittersweet heart-breaking and incorrect bittersweet.

What is opposite of Duke?

The opposite gender of Duke is Duchess and they can either be an emperor judgment over a duchy or a member of royalty or nobility.

How do you pronounce dike in Nigeria?

[ 1 syll. di-ke dik-e ] The infant kid name Dike is likewise utilized as a lady name. Its pronunciation is DAYK † Dike is utilized mainly in the Igbo language and it is originated from African-Igbo origins.

What does Chula imply in Dominican Republic?

However in Dominican Republic we utilize in both method. Is a colloquialism for “quite”— Que chula se ve la mesa! (The table looks quite).– Mi hija esta chula!. (

What are some Dominican slang words?

21 Dominican Slang Terms That You Most Likely Utilize All the Time

  • Vaina. What it suggests: A thing any thing. In a sentence: Coje esa vaina de mi escritorio. …
  • Vacano. What it suggests: Dope or cool. …
  • Carajo. What it suggests: Crap or go to hell. …
  • Disparate. What it suggests: Worthless or rubbish. …
  • Moto Concho. What it suggests: A bike taxi.

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What is a callow fellow?

adj. 1 doing not have experience of life immature

What does blood Killa imply?

The BK represents Blood Killa the PK represents Individuals Killa ( the Bloods fall under Individuals Country which is the competitor of the Folk Country which is where the Crips fall).

What is the name BJ brief for?

” BJ” represents Beverly Jean the child of the very first president of the business.

Why is Brooklyn called BK?

Etymology. The name Brooklyn is originated from the initial Dutch colonial name Breuckelen The earliest reference of the settlement in the Netherlands remains in a charter of 953 of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I particularly Broecklede.

How are Sills formed?

Sills: type when lava intrudes in between the rock layers forming a horizontal or gently-dipping sheet of igneous rock.

What does Mr Casanova imply?

5. The meaning of a casanova is a male who is enthusiastic about ladies and has numerous enthusiasts An example of casanova is the story of .

What does hunk of a male imply?

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