What Does And Then Some Mean

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What does and after that some mean in slang?

and after that some Meanings and Synonyms

expression spoken. DEFINITIONS1. utilized for stressing that there is more in addition to what you have actually discussed

How do you utilize and after that some in a sentence?

1. He paid a thousand dollars and after that some 2. We got our cash’s worth and after that some.


The method to keep the set straight is to concentrate on this standard distinction: than is utilized when you’re speaking about contrasts then is utilized when you’re speaking about something connecting to time. Than is the word to pick in expressions like smaller sized than smoother than and even more than.

What is and after that?

adverb. consequently or quickly later (frequently utilized as sentence ports) “we saw the late film and after that went to sleep”

What does expression babe in the woods imply?

Meaning of babe in the woods

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: an individual who is innocent or who does not have experience When I started my political profession I was a simple babe in the woods

How do you utilize than And after that?

Keeping in mind the distinctions:

Notification both words have the letter A in them. So if you’re comparing things utilize than. Then can be utilized when you are speaking about actions associated with time Then is normally an adverb.

What does some more imply?

expression. You can utilize some more to show that something continues to occur for a more amount of time

What can I state rather of then?

What is another word for and after that?

after which after that
consequently afterwards
whereafter later
later on later on
then subsequently

What suggests eventually?

Meaning of eventually

: in the future: quickly.

What is then in grammar?

Then suggesting ‘ at that time

We can utilize then to imply ‘at that time’ referring either to the previous or the future. In this case it is normally at the end of the provision: A: When I was a kid I resided in Austria for a while.

Which too do I utilize?

‘ To’ is utilized to reveal movement eg “I’m going to the store.” ‘Too’ suggests ‘likewise’ or ‘ incredibly‘ eg “I want to come too however I’m too exhausted.” ‘2’ suggests the number 2 eg “Let’s purchase 2 apples.”

Is it other then or besides?

Besides is a preposition or combination and suggests other than for or not consisted of. When utilized as a combination it links 2 sentences. Other then is not a word or an expression.

How do you utilize initially and after that in a sentence?

Very first I’ll purchase coffee and after that go to the film Then I’ll purchase coffee and initially go to the film. I’ll purchase coffee and initially go to the film.

Is OKAY is OK?

Okay and OK imply the very same thing

Okay and okay are 2 appropriate spellings of the very same word. In official composing follow the requirements of your design guide.

What is then in a sentence?

Then is specified as at that time or quickly later An example of then remains in the expression “then we had” which reveals the order of what was consumed in the sentence “First we had an appetiser and after that we had our meals.” Utilized after however to certify or stabilize a preceding declaration.

What does kith and kin imply?

Meaning of kith and kin

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old-fashioned: good friends and family members They welcomed all their kith and kin to their brand-new house.

What is the significance of idiom filled with beans?

Meaning of filled with beans

casual. 1: complete of energy and life We were young and filled with beans 2 United States: not remedy or sincere: filled with rubbish If that’s what he’s been stating then he has lots of beans.

What does nebulus imply?

adjective. hazy unclear indistinct or baffled: an ambiguous recollection of the conference an ambiguous difference in between pride and conceit. cloudy or cloudlike.

Is and after that grammatically remedy?

A. No yes and yes It’s great to compose “and after that” as you carried out in your very first sentence. If you exclude and include a comma prior to then: “He got a DUI then withstood arrest.”

How do you keep in mind the distinction in between then and than?

Keeping In Mind When to Utilize Then and Than

An excellent technique to monitor these words is that then is normally utilized to show time Both then and time have a letter “E” in them. Than is utilized to make contrasts. Both than and contrast have a letter “A” in them.

Which is the right then?

The very best technique to keep in mind the distinction in between than and after that is to concentrate on the letters that are various– ‘a’ and ‘e’. Than is utilized for contrast and both than and contrast have the letter ‘a’ in their spellings. Then is utilized for time and both then and time have the letter ‘e’ in their spellings.

How can I utilize some more?

You can utilize some more to show that something continues to occur for a more amount of time We strolled some more.

What is more some or couple of?

The word “couple of” normally shows a number or a figure of 5 or less. On the other hand “some” shows a bigger amount that varies in between 5 and 10. In regards to hierarchy ” some” is positioned greater than “couple of” and lower than “more.” On the other hand “couple of” is positioned listed below “some” however greater than “couple.”

What is a much better word for more?

What is another word for more?

higher further
even more increased
broadened extended
much heavier increasing
bigger larger

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What is antonym then?

What is the reverse of then?

nonetheless nevertheless
irregardless nevertheless
still in spite of that
in spite of this in spite of that
in spite of this regardless of

What kind of word is then?

Grammatically speaking then is utilized as an adverb or adjective while than is utilized as a combination or preposition.

What does simply then imply?

1. simply then– at a specific time in the past “simply then the bugle sounded” Based upon WordNet 3.0 Farlex clipart collection.

Is it ahead of time or ahead of time?

Prior To is simply a summary of time in concern prior to an occasion action date or time. Ahead of time is the description of the period of time laid out in concern.

What is the significance of after a while?

Meaning of after a while

: after a long time has actually passed We will begin after a while. The task got much easier after a while.

Can we utilize and after that?

Then and than are frequently puzzled even by native English speakers. This might be since they sound comparable particularly in fast speech. Nevertheless they are 2 various words and can not be utilized interchangeably

Do I require a comma after then?

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