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Land flatworms (Platyhelminthes) are a group (class of animal) of free-living worms. They are little flattened animals typically with a ribbon like look and unsegmented body They are covered with mucous and normally leave a path.

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Which of the following are differentiating qualities of the Lophotrochozoa clade?

The clade Lophotrochozoa is called after the 2 unique qualities of its members the feeding structure lophophore which is a ciliated crown of arms surrounding a mouth and the developmental phase trochophore larvae

What are the qualities of animals categorized under Lophotrochozoa?

In Summary: Superphylum Lophotrochozoa

Flatworms are acoelomate triploblastic animals. They do not have circulatory and breathing systems and have a primary excretory system. This digestion system is insufficient in the majority of types.

Which of the following qualities define the phylum platyhelminthes?

Platyhelminthes have the following crucial qualities: They are triploblastic acoelomate and bilaterally in proportion They might be free-living or parasites. The body has a soft covering with or without cilia.

What is the specifying function of the Lophotrochozoans quizlet?

What are the specifying qualities of a lophotrochozoan? They have a lophophore feeding structure OR a trochophore larval phase

Are jellyfish Lophotrochozoan?

The Cnidarians (jellyfish and their loved ones) represent the basal animals. The Lophotrochozoans (Phyla Platyhelminthes Mollusca Annelida and Rotifera) represent among the significant groups of invertebrates beyond the arthropoda.

Do all Lophotrochozoa have a Coelom?

The Lophotrochozoa are a varied group of phyla. Many have a real coelom of the schizocoel type however a couple of have just a pseudocoel. Ribosomal RNA series reveal these different phyla to be related.

What is particular of all Ecdysozoans quizlet?

What is particular of all ecdysozoans? some type of exoskeleton or tough external covering According to the proof gathered up until now the animal kingdom is. monophyletic.

What functions make an earthworm a Protostome bilaterian animal?

Earthworms are protostomes because they show spiral cleavage the blastopore (very first opening) becomes the mouth and the nerve cable is located ventrally (along the stomach side of the animal).

Which function is particular of arthropods and relates them to annelids?

All arthropods vary from their annelid forefathers in numerous crucial methods: they have a chitinous exoskeleton jointed/segmented appendages a strong head and mouthparts striated muscles and an open circulatory system with a dorsal heart.



The origins of Ecdysozoan body strategies


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