How To Remember African Countries

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How To Bear In Mind African Nations?

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How do you remember the nations of Africa?

Niger Nigeria Rwana Sao Tome and Principe: Never Ever Never Ever Run (with) Scissors To (the) Potty. Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa: Numerous Snakes Slither Somewhere (to) South Africa. Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe: Unexpectedly Swayze Takes To-go To (the) Zoo Zoo.

How can I remember the nations?

How can I discover the African nations and their capitals?

Response: Brazzaville is the capital of the Republic of the Congo. Response: Bamako is the capital of Mali. Response: Maputo is the capital of Mozambique. Response: N’Djamena is the capital of Chad.

What are the 52 nation in Africa?

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