Fossils Are Found In What Rock

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Fossils Are Found In What Rock?

Are fossils discovered in igneous rock?

For that reason fossils are discovered in sedimentary rock like sandstone shale limestone and coal. Igneous rock like granite and basalt is formed by molten rock emerging from deep within the earth. … Fossils are not generally discovered in either igneous or metamorphic rocks.

What kind of rock do you discover fossils and why?

Description: Sedimentary rock has the most fossils. Remember that sedimentary rock is produced as layers of sediment stack on one another and are compressed together. Organisms can get captured in between the layers when they pass away and end up being fossilized.

What are rock fossils?

Fossils are ancient acid rock stays or traces of plants or animals maintained in sedimentary rocks … Typically fossils are maintained by being buried below several layers of sand of mud. The sand and mud become sedimentary rock when under remarkable pressure.

Where are fossils discovered?

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